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Issue: # 2014-8

August 2014




August 2014 Newsletter



Thank you so much for reading the August issue of the Connection e-Newsletter.


We hope your summer was spectacular. It is hard to believe that when you read the next newsletter it will be fall.


Please remember we specialize in surveillance systems, access control systems, as well as fire and burglar alarm systems. If you have any questions about residential or commercial security, don't hesitate to call.


Thank you for being such a loyal customer. We truly appreciate it.



Great Merchandising Reduces Property Loss 

If you own a retail business, you want your store to look attractive to customers. Some of the practices you use to make your products and floor space look their best, can also help to prevent shoplifting and employee theft. Read on for a few simple ways to use merchandising to help prevent shrinkage.


1. Stock everything in straight rows, lined up along the front edge of the shelf. That way, it becomes instantly noticeable if an item is removed. Plus, it looks amazing! Train employees to restock constantly if possible, so that there is always the same number of items in each row.


Description: Make high-ticket, easily-stolen items most visible.

These products should get  prime real estate, right next to a workstation, cashier, or behind a glass case. Hang them in flat rows on a wall, if you can. Be slow to lock merchandise away, however. Many retailers find that items placed behind glass lose their touch-commitment value, so employee attention is better than a cage, if you can swing it.


3. Consider angling rows of shelving away from cashier stations in short, slanting lines, so that the employee is at the center of a wagon wheel. This is a great solution if you only have one or two employees in the store for each shift, because they can see nearly everything in the store from one spot. This configuration also keeps the customers walking the aisles in a slower, more meandering style, especially if you have beautiful end cap displays.


Have you gotten creative with your merchandising in the past? How did it affect your inventory shrinkage rates?






Increase Home Security to Save on Insurance Description:


Many homeowners purchase their home insurance policy along with the house, and never revisit it again for years. You might be able to save 10, 15, or even 20 percent on your rates with a few home improvements. The best part is that the renovations most likely to save you money, also keep your family safer than ever.


Fire sprinklers: Depending on where you live, and which home insurance company you use, you could save up to 10% on your policy if you add a fire sprinkler system to your home. This technology has a success rate of 99% when it comes to saving lives, and it reduces property damage from fire, and water damage from firefighter hoses.


Home security system: This can also save you 5-10% on your coverage. Make sure to get a system professionally installed, and wire all the windows and doors in the home. Security lighting is also a plus. This reduces the risk that the insurance company will ever have to pay out for a major burglary, so they pass those savings back to you.


Better fencing: Your fence is important. If the property Description: a good fence when you moved in, you could save money on your homeowners insurance by adding a strong security fence. Gating off the entire property is best, but even a wood privacy fence can help. Talk to a local, independent insurance agent, or your security firm, to get the best ideas and rates. If you own a pool, a great fence is a must. Installing a pool without a child-proof fence can actually cause you to lose your coverage, or cause your rates to skyrocket, so be prepared. 






Home Automation for Kids Description:


Electronics manufacturers offer more home automation technology every year, and now they're starting to design home products that make life a little easier for the kiddos, too.


Are you afraid of the dark?

Remember how terrifying it was to go to bed, when you had to turn off the light and then race as fast as you could across the dark room to the safety of your pillow and blankets?


These days, with a device like the Insteon remote light switch, your bedroom light can turn off from the comfort of your bed. No need to tempt the closet monsters with your tasty toes anymore. And no need for the grownups to do any fancy wiring, either. Just attach the control switch anywhere on the wall, and the Insteon lights in the room will respond to your remote.


Description: bully-proof backpack...

The iSafe line of backpacks offers a little bit of reassurance to worried parents and beleaguered kids everywhere. Just pull a pin on the strap whenever you're feeling threatened by a bully or other attacker, or even if you're injured or lost. The iSafe bag will sound a 125 decibel alarm and activate a strobe light, to get the attention of anyone who happens to be nearby.


Do your kids use any new technology to stay safe and secure? Let us know!  






Where did Freddie Mercury write the song, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"?  

A.   In a train car

B.   On a visit to Central Park

C.   In the bathtub

D.   In his childhood bed






How Many Shows Did Elvis Perform Outside The United States? 

A. 0
B. 5*** (correct answer)
C. 139
D. 543  





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