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Issue: # 2013-7

August 2013




August 2013 Newsletter


Here's the August issue of the Connection e-Newsletter. In each issue you'll get security tips and techniques for the residential and commercial markets, Tech Corner, and more. Hope you enjoy! 






Optimize Your Security Resources


A security system, gates, and new locks, protect your business and employees from potential harm. But are you using these security tools to their full potential? Take a few moments to examine how you put your investments to work.


First, be sure to keep your security system operational and current. As you make changes to your building, consider how your security needs may have changed. If a new space, windows, or doors are added, you will need to update your alarm system to include them.


Description: you use fencing to protect the perimeter of your property, check it for holes, tears, and missing pieces periodically. Be sure to repair damage to your fence upon occurance. Pay special attention to gates and padlocks. These should be sturdy, and the padlocks should be changed every time you lose an employee who had access to the combination or key.


Lastly, think about your lighting. No one wants to light up the entire neighborhood, so make the most of your off-hours lighting by directing it to the most vulnerable spots: windows, doors, registers, and over valuables.


With regular check-ups and timely adjustments, your security tools will continue to protect your business for years to come. 




Defend Against Home Invaders


Sure, home invasion is a nightmare we would rather not think about, but it could happen to anyone, anywhere. The sad truth is that home invasions can occur in the safest of neighborhoods, at any time. Maybe that was one of the chief reasons why you decided to install your home security system. But what else can you do to protect yourself from home invaders?


1. Plant guard bushes around windows and porches. Roses are a beautiful choice, but anything with thorns will do. Not only do they make it tough to get close to the house, the thorns collect skin and clothing to be used as evidence in an investigation. Just keep the bushes low (no higher than 3'), to stop them from becoming hiding places.


Description: 2. Use noise as a simple booby trap. Any door can have a chime that will notify you when someone enters. Keep it separate from the household security system, so that it will ring regardless of whether your system is armed. This little trick can give you great peace of mind on those dark nights when the family is away, and every passing shadow seems ominous.


3. Make a safe room. It doesn't have to be made of concrete, any bedroom or office will do, as long as it has a land line or a charged cell phone. Reinstall the door so that it swings outward; this will make it more difficult to break. Be sure it has a sturdy lock. You'll need to hide a flashlight in a place where you can find it quickly, even if the power is cut.


Home invasion doesn't have to be a source of worry. A little preparation goes a long way toward helping you fall asleep with a feeling of perfect safety!




 Garage Door Openers Get Smart


You may not have heard, but your old garage door opener is so 1980's. The newly released  garage door opener by LiftMaster, connects wirelessly to the Internet through You can let someone into your garage from anywhere you have access to a network. Or, if you're on the forgetful side, you can close the door, even after you've arrived at work!


Description: system can tell you how long the door was left open, and can turn your garage lights on and off from a distance. This is an ideal gadget to invest in if you have kids who come home from school on their own each day. All they need is a phone app to get in and out of the house through the garage. No more hiding that spare key under the rug!

If you like to keep your garage open most of the evening, you can program the door to close at bedtime, eliminating those middle-of-the-night wake ups, running out to see if you remembered to shut it.



ROCK & ROLL TRIVIA Multiple Choice Question




Van Halen's album, 5150, is named after...


A. Eddie's childhood street address

B. A custom-made Peavey amp

C. A hand-crafted Gibson guitar

D. Police code for crazy person on the loose



Previous Month's Rock n'Trivia Question



For that one, epic chord at the end of the Beatles' song "A Day in the Life," how many pianos and hands were used?


A. one piano, four hands

B. one piano, six hands

C. two pianos, eight hands

D. three pianos, ten hands**** (answer) 


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