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 The Connection Newsletter



    Issue: # 2015-04                                                                       April 2015




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April 2015 Newsletter


Thank you for reading this issue of our newsletter.  


I just returned from the security industries largest tradeshow, ISC West in Las Vegas.


I feel that attending industry events is important to our business and our customers. We are kept up to date on new product offerings and our customers benefit from the best practices we learn at seminars and symposiums.  


Training is important to us and we spend a good deal of time learning and being certified, resulting in better installations.


This month in The Local Business Spot Lite we feature R. Faucett Construction based in Flemington, NJ. They build some of the nicest houses that we work in. We currently have the privilege of working with them on two projects. 


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Thank you again.



Commercial Security


Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-68279fb6-6432-4105-a099-57119377ba3c-v2Tips For Protecting Your Electronic And Physical Business Files


As a business owner, there is no question that you have more than a few important documents to keep track of. From financial statements, inventory lists, employee information and more.  Keeping these documents safe and secure is essential.


However, if you do not have any measures in place to protect these files – both electronic and physical – you may find your business in quite a bit of trouble if disaster strikes.


Some things you can do to ensure that your documents are safe and secure are highlighted here.


Utilize Access Control


Thieves, hackers, and even your own employees may try to gain access to your financial records. If this information falls into the wrong hands, it can cost you quite a bit. However, you can secure your documents by ensuring only certain people have access to them. This includes:

  • Implementing the use of firewall security and encryption.
  • Ensuring that your security features are up to par.
  • Utilize access control systems for physical files ensuring only certain people have access to documents.

Provide Electronic Backup For Your Files


If you have physical files stolen, damaged or lost, you can Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-5701726b-f934-45c3-9a9d-4b360db2456b-v2have peace of mind that you have electronic backups and that the information is not really gone. You can back the files up on a computer housed locally, or even use a cloud service.


If you decide to back your files up locally, you should be sure to make several copies and store the hard drives in different locations.


Lock Up All Physical Documents


You need to ensure that sensitive records are locked away in a secure filing cabinet or a storage unit that is only accessible by certain people in your organization. This will ensure that no unauthorized person can gain access to the information.


When you use the tips here, you will find that keeping both your electronic and physical documents safe and secure is not as difficult as you may have believed.  



Residential Security


Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-0d72f989-05f4-4552-805e-2ccbadff920f-v2Keeping Your Home Safe While Away: How To Have Your Mail Held


There are far too many homeowners who overlook how important it is to have their mail held while they are away on vacation or out of town. The fact is that having piles of mail jammed into your mailbox can signify to would-be-thieves that you are away. The good news is that the USPS makes it quite easy to put a hold on your mail until your return. You can even schedule the hold 30 days before you are leaving.


Use one of these methods to ensure your mail is held while you are away.




You can visit your local post office and request a PS Form 8076. Simply fill out the form and prior to leaving for your trip check with your local carrier to ensure they received the hold request.


On The Phone


You can also contact USPS by phone to have your mail Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-84483a51-3e37-4449-ba1d-adb005465dc7-v2held. The representative you talk with will simply gather your personal information and the date you want the hold to begin. When you call, you will receive a confirmation number so you can be confident that the hold will begin.


Arrange The Hold Online


Perhaps the most convenient way for you to have your mail held is by filing out the form online. Here you can also select if you want the accumulated mail to be delivered when you return, or if you would like to pick it up.


Having your mail held will ensure that there is no indication that you are not home. This is essential, otherwise it could indicate to a burglar that your home is an easy target.


When it comes to personal and home safety, taking steps to integrate the latest technology can help keep you, your home, your kids, and even your belongings safe.   



Tech Corner


Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-8e8510a3-005c-4113-8d26-712033ac01c4-v2Gadgets To Increase Your Safety And Your Home’s Safety This Summer


There is no question that the summer months are on their way. While this means time on the beach, lake or river, it also means you will be spending more time away from home. In order to keep you and your home safer consider utilizing the gadgets highlighted here.


A Fake Television


Did you know that burglars are less likely to try and break into a home that appears vacant if they see a television going? The Fake TV will simulate the color changes and lights of a regular TV screen, making it look as though there is someone inside. You can protect your home and use much less energy than what it would cost to actually leave the TV running.


Find Your Stuff


Are you one of those people who lose everything? Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-ab786206-2476-4f5d-8b56-b122489f474e-v2Chances are you may have already invested in devices to help you find your keys if they are misplaced, but did you know that there is a gadget for other items as well? You can keep track of all your belongings with the Stick-N-Find, which is a quarter sized GPS tracker that can send a signal to your smartphone allowing you to easily keep track of your belongings.


Pool Alarms


There are a number of devices you can use to keep your child safe indoors; however, the outside world is another story. Installing a pool alarm can help to minimize the chance that your child will fall into your pool and drown. There are all types of alarms available, so be sure to find the right one for your needs.



The Local Business Spot Lite: R. Faucett Construction Inc.-Flemington, New Jersey


Have you ever considered custom home construction or renovation? If so, you know it’s crucial to hire professionals with expertise and experience to make your dreams come to fruition. You can find said craftsmanship, skillset, and experience in the diversified staff at R. Faucett Construction Inc.. Located in Flemington, NJ, R. Faucett Construction Inc. offers a range of services with a focus on custom designed homes, large scale residential additions, historical renovations, and some light commercial renovations. Having been in business since 1987 their portfolio of projects is expansive and continues to grow.


Founder of R. Faucett Construction Inc., Robert Faucett, has been working with our team at Perfect Connections, Inc. since 1997. In order to protect the exquisite work done by Robert and his colleagues, our experts provide custom residential security systems and occasionally work on networking/audio installations in client homes. Robert said he has interacted with other security system providers, typically at the behest of a client, and Perfect Connections, Inc. by comparison is “always super professional, and always does a great job.” Our team also installed a security system at Robert’s personal residence along with data wiring and audio. When asked how the system has been working for him, Robert said, “It’s been working perfect, I’ve had zero issues.” Having worked together on projects for almost 20 years Robert and Patrick, founder of Perfect Connections, Inc., have developed a strong professional relationship that has only strengthened the level of customer satisfaction on both ends.


Q & A with Robert Faucett, Founder-R. Faucett Construction Inc.


To learn more about R. Faucett Construction Inc. I spoke with founder Robert Faucett. Knowing that custom high-end residential construction is the focus of Robert’s company I wanted to know what that entailed and what services they offer. According Mr. Faucett about 50% of their work is building new homes from start to finish. They also work on large scale home renovations and historical restorations. 


They’re able to complete most, if not all work, in-house due to their staff of carpenters, custom millwork shop, and ability to offer design services. In fact Robert and his wife both hold a degree in Architecture. They are committed to continuing education in construction techniques, new materials, and management practice not only for themselves, but their employees as well. 


While Robert and his team are more than capable of completing projects from the design phase to final construction, also known as “design-build,” they maintain longstanding working relationships with trusted architects; adding value and quality to their already immaculate work. Robert’s hope for the future of R. Faucett Construction Inc. is to incorporate more design-build projects, which currently makes up about 20% of their work. 


Many of their residential projects exude a modern or contemporary design which Robert says, “by nature is challenging and detailed.” While their work is not exclusively contemporary, Robert and his team are educated in the subtle nuances and fine details it takes to successfully design and build in such a fashion. With a penchant for details nothing gets overlooked including measures to create more environmentally friendly and sustainable projects. Robert and his staff stay informed on best practices when it comes to sustainability in order to provide better home performance and conserve energy.  This benefits not only the homeowner but the environment as well. Currently, Robert and his staff are working on a “Net-Zero” home that takes home efficiency to the next level by consuming “zero energy.” The home effectively produces all the energy it needs through solar panels vs conventional power supplies.


Whether you’re interested in renovating your home or building one from scratch the professionals at R. Faucett Construction Inc. can provide unparalleled service that is sure to deliver customer satisfaction. Located in Flemington, NJ they have completed projects in Princeton, Hunterdon, Mercer, and Somerset Counties as well as Bucks County, PA. To learn more about their services and their work visit their website at R. Faucett Construction Inc.. You can contact them with any inquiries at (908)-284-1800.



Rock and Roll Trivia


 Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-b8a1504f-ee79-46bd-9d9f-d5055b1151ff-v2

 Trivia Question: Who is the youngest member of U2?


       A. The Edge

       B. Bono

       C. Larry Mullen Jr.

       D. Adam Clayton


Previous Month's Rock n' Trivia Question

 Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-e75a6216-b146-4635-b848-7e571f9416f5-v2

Question: Name the two dissimilar acts that were awarded two Platinum albums apiece in 1977? 



       A. Willie Nelson & Elton John 
       B. Kiss & Elvis Presley 
       C. The Village People & Aerosmith 
       D. Linda Ronstadt & Queen







We offer a wide-range of Commercial and Residential Security Services that include: 

  • Surveillance Systems
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Fire Alarms
  • Access Control

For immediate assistance or information on any of our services, please email:

or call: 908-722-2880. 






Our referral program works like this. If someone you refer to us turns into a client, you get your choice of one of the following $50 gifts... 


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All you have to do is email us at customercare@perfectconnectionsinc.com and put "Referral Program" in the subject line. Please be sure to include the name and contact information for the person you are referring, along with the $50 gift of your choice.

Also, be sure to include your contact information so we can send you your gift, once your referral turns into a sale. If you prefer to call us with all the information, please do so at: 908-722-2880.


Thank you for reading our April issue. See you next month!




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