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Issue: # 2014-4

April 2014




April 2014 Newsletter



Thank you so much for reading the April issue of the Connection e-Newsletter. In this issue you will read about 4 of the worst security breaches ever and tips on educating children about safety.


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Four of the Worst Security Breaches Ever

It is always best to learn from the mistakes of others, rather than your own. Take a look at a few of the worst commercial security snafus in recent history, shake your head, and vow to not let this happen to you.


1.) 40 Million Credit Card Numbers Up for Grabs

In 2005, MasterCard had to step up, and admit that one of its processing companies, CardSystems Solutions, had put 40 million of its cardholders at risk. 200,000 had already been victimized. This ridiculous breach of trust was made possible because CardSystems decided to store the data on an unencrypted server. Why? For research, of course. One of their top executives was big enough to confess, "We should not have been doing that."


2.) 4.5 Million Bank Account Numbers, Missing

The Bank of New York Mellon, had a very bad day in 2008. Their internet security was rock solid. The problem Description: when they backed up all of their customers' data onto ten tapes. While moving these tapes to storage, one mysteriously disappeared from in transit. It happened to hold social security numbers and bank account data for 4.5 million of their customers. And by the way, those tapes? Not encrypted.


3.) 25 Million British Citizens Exposed to Identity Theft

It's hard to be practically perfect in every way. HM Revenue and Customs in the UK, found out the hard way what happens when a very large office makes a very small mistake. The HMRC only lost two little computer discs in the mail, but that opened up the window on the names, addresses, insurance numbers, and in some cases, banking information of 25 million UK citizens with children under 16. The HMRC tried to blame the courier for breaking company protocol. It later came to light, that the fall guy only did as he was instructed, the same as he had done many times before.


4) 40 Million Credit & Debit Card Users Breached

The most recent event - Target Corp had a massive Description: breach involving nearly all of Target's 1,797 stores in the United States. Thieves hacked into credit and debit card data of as many as 40 million Target customers over the 2013 holidays. This breach rattled nerves this Christmas shopping season.



Description: SECURITY


Make Your Child a Security Expert


Does your home's youngest resident know how to keep safe from criminals? If he is old enough to write his name, use the phone, and recite his address, then he is old enough to learn a few pint-sized security protocols. Teach these on a lazy afternoon, and keep it light. Set out to make your little learner feel empowered, not threatened. A scoop of ice cream at the end of a lesson couldn't hurt.


So what are the best protocols to teach?


First, he needs to know how and when to dial 911. You can use a dummy phone for this exercise. Act out some emergency scenarios that require him to make the call-a fire in the kitchen, a stranger trying to open the door, or an injured parent. Teach him what to say to the dispatcher, which departments to ask for, and how to state the nature of the emergency. Be sure that his address and phone number are perfectly clear to the person on the other end of the line.


Second, teach him all about door safety. He should never, ever open the door to a stranger, especially if you are not home. He needs to know that even if the person on the other side of the door looks like a police officer or a firefighter, he can only open if you give him permission. Teach him how to lock every door and window in the house, and teach him to keep every lock fastened when he is alone at home.


Third, be clear about what can and cannot be shared on the Description: Full names, pictures, addresses, location, school information, phone numbers, private email addresses, are a few things that should require your permission before being posted. Help him to learn to treat these pieces of information like private treasures. They are his, and should not be shared with anyone who is not proven trustworthy.




Description: CORNER

Just Like the Spy Movies


The next time you upgrade your door locks, check out the FS1000 Bio Lock from Their new fingerprint scanning lock has everything you need in the box to lock and unlock your front door or office with nothing more than your index finger (or a passcode, or one of two keys, if you're old-fashioned).


The lock can be programmed to accept up to 150 fingerprint and passcode users, with no outside software or devices Description: All of the adding and deleting of users is done right on the lock itself. It is battery operated, with a set of 4 AA batteries lasting about one year. Even if the batteries die, the information stored will not be lost, so you can change them out without having to reprogram.


The weather-resistant cover protects the fingerprint scanner from bad weather and UV rays, so you can use the lock even in harsh climates. The cover also serves to activate the scanner when you're ready to scan in and unlock your secret lab, or your living room.








Which act made the cover of Rolling Stone by recording
"The cover of the Rolling Stone"?

A. Steely Dan  
B. Suzi Quatro
C. Alice Cooper
D. Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show






What was the first rock song, longer than four minutes, to land at number one on the charts?


A. "Hey, Jude"

B. "House of the Rising Sun"***CORRECT ANSWER

C. "The Twist"

D. "I Can't Get No (Satisfaction)"





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