Most residential alarm DIY products leave the buyer hanging – a box of parts get shipped to the home and you are left on your own to install, program and test equipment that is supposed to protect your home and family. There are no checks for quality or even for proper operation. The cell and interactive service as well as the monitoring center are cut rate, allowing the cheapest possible cost. Even worse, they try to convince you that self monitoring is a good way to protect your home. We never thought the safety and security of your family and home should be in the hands of such a product.








Introducing My DIY Plus

My DIY Plus is a new concept from Perfect Connections combining the best of doing it yourself and a professionally installed security system. You save because you do the labor BUT Perfect Connections, Inc. is beside you every step of the way. We securely deliver to your doorstep a fully activated alarm system. All door/window transmitters and motion detectors are programmed and labeled so that they are installed in the right location. The color graphic control center comes attached to a desk mount stand and a 24 hour battery attached. All you do is plug it in. Our experienced installers will be available via video chat to check your installation and answer any questions you may have. If you decide you want the control center mounted on a wall, we will dispatch a sanitized installer to mount the control center on a wall for you, at no additional charge.






Who is this for?

You have always thought of yourself as handy and able to do most of the jobs around the house yourself. Ordering online is second nature. But you haven’t ordered a self install DIY alarm system yet. You just don’t feel comfortable trusting your families safety and well being to some company somewhere.

It’s good you waited because now you have the best of both worlds- you save because you do the work yourself but with the support of a local established security company. Not DIY but DIY-PLUS.


How does it work?

Contact us and schedule a virtual security survey. Via video chat we will talk about what you want to protect and you will take us on a tour of your home. We will ask questions and answer any questions you may have. We will show you the graphic control center and show you how it works. Once you decide on the scope of protection you desire, we will email you a contract to sign with a payment link. We will then schedule a drop off time and installation assistance time.

All devices will be pre-programmed and clearly labeled. You will need to peel the pre-applied double sided tape, mount the devices (window door transmitters, motion detectors, and other intrusion detection devices) and plug in the graphic color control panel (that comes with a handy desk mount). Our expert staff is standing by for your call to help.

All programming and zone information including descriptions is pre programmed. The interactive service, via is set up. The monitoring center located right here in New Jersey is ready to accept your emergency contact information and password. During none of this are you on your own. Included in the package are 2 half hour remote sessions for installation and interactive service help.

Once you have the system up and running, if you desire and feel comfortable, we will come to your home and professionally install the control center on a wall, at no additional charge.

What kind of system do I get?

What you get is not a basic alarm system. The 2GIG Go! Control 2E powered by comes with many security and convenience features. The wireless devices are matched with the security panel digitally to reduce false alarms and virtually eliminate tampering. The system has a 24 hour back up battery so that your protection continues in the case of a power outage. Your system can automatically notify you if a door has been left open for too long or if you left your home and forgot to arm the system. You can add home control features too. Thermostats, lights, locks, garage door openers and many other devices can be controlled by your alarm system and app. We can install them for you or walk you through the process.



About Perfect Connections

Since 1992 Perfect Connections has been a trusted security systems company in central and northern New Jersey for custom home & commercial security systems. With decades of experience in the security industry, we know the lay of the land when it comes to security systems, the challenges facing customers and how to create the best custom solutions. We remain on the cutting edge providing you with tools and systems that make life easier, safer, and worry free allowing you to focus on things that matter most.

Who monitors the system?

We are very fortunate to have the premier monitoring center in the country in our back yard. At 82,000 square feet Affiliated North is the largest monitoring center in the US. Size alone isn’t everything. It is a state of the art UL listed facility with highly trained monitoring specialists and software engineers on staff to a world class fully redundant infrastructure. A fully redundant Cisco environment powers the switches, routers, and firewall. Redundant Caterpillar C15 generators assure that power doesn’t go out. The monitoring center itself is back up by Affiliated South in Houston.

All of this is to ensure that if there is an emergency in your home, the proper authorities WILL be notified.



What is is the premier communications platform that allows you to access and control your security system from anywhere via any internet connected device. Considered the world leader in interactive alarm control, based in Maryland, the extensive computer power has ensures that your signal is processed correctly and quickly. In case of an emergency the signal is instantly routed to the monitoring center. also allows you to adjust the thermostat in your home, open or close the garage door and lock or unlock a door of your choice. Just add a Z-Wave enabled device of your choice. You can also be notified when somebody enters your home or a door or window is left open too long. You are only limited by your imagination.

What do I get?

The MY HOME Package includes a color graphic touch control center, desk mount, 24 hour back up battery, Verizon 4G LTE cellular communicator, 3 door/window transmitters and a wireless motion detector. You also get a yard sign and 5 window stickers to deter burglars. All equipment comes with a one year warranty.

In addition, we will provide a certificate of protection, which may entitle you to discounts on your homeowners insurance.







How much does it cost?

The MY HOME Package is only $199. If professionally installed by us, this system costs over $650. A 3 year commitment of $49 per month for the 24 hour monitoring service and interactive service is required. Sales tax is additional.

Additional security and home automation devices can be added to the system at an additional equipment cost. The monthly service charge will not change. Automatic monthly payment via credit card, debit card, or ACH is required.



Keep your family safe and secure. In these uncertain times every bit of protection helps. You can protect your family and home by installing a professional security system yourself in LESS THAN 9 MINUTES. And you save more than $450 if we installed the system for you. Call now.

Call 800-369-3962 to schedule a FREE virtual security consultation.