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Issue: # 2016-12 December 2016

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December 2016 Newsletter

With the holiday season upon us, we wanted to wish all of our customers and friends a very happy and safe holiday and New Year. We have a lot of tips in our newsletter below on how to protect your home or business this season.

We’d also like to remind you that we will be at the North Jersey Buildings Engineering & Facility Maintenance show this Wednesday at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus. Attendance is free – come stop by and see Perfect Connections on the road!

Thank you for all of the trust you place in us. It is our number one goal to protect all of our customers and their valuables. We also want every experience you have with us to be positive. Feel free to contact us at anytime with questions, concerns, etc.-we would love to hear from you!

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Commercial Security

How to Protect Your Business During the Holiday Rush


With the holiday shopping season in full swing, you are likely looking forward to the increased profits. However, as you prepare for the rush, you need to think about more than just the money to be made. In fact, one of the most important considerations is the security you have in place. The fact is, some people will be trying to take advantage of the "five finger discount" during the holidays = more so than any other time of the year. Make sure your business is ready with the following tips.

Make Sure You have Video Surveillance

A security video surveillance system is beneficial for a number of reasons. It provides you with a full view of all areas of your store, and even allows you to monitor what is going on when you aren’t there. Thanks to remote viewing, which is now available with virtually any security system, you can keep an eye on your store even while at home, or on vacation.

Check Your Alarm System

Before more time has passed, you need to make sure your alarm system is working properly. Make sure to check all the points of entry, as well. Inspect the locks and ensure everything remains secure. You want to ensure there are no opportunities for robbers to get in the store while you aren’t there.

Provide Extra Training for Your Staff

The majority of people who want to try and steal something during normal business hours will present a number of tell-tale signs. This can include walking around without buying anything, going in and out of the bathroom, and other suspicious activity. Make sure your staff knows what to look for and when to call in help from management or the authorities.

Taking the time to safeguard your business for the holiday shopping season is going to be quite beneficial. It will help ensure you don’t experience significant losses this holiday season.

Residential Security

Top Home Security Tips for the Holiday Season

With With the holiday season quickly approaching, remaining safe and secure in your own home may be a concern. It is a well-known fact that residential crime increases during the holidays – it gets dark earlier, homes fill up with unwrapped gifts, and burglars become more and more active. Here are some tips to secure your home over the holidays:


Think Like a Thief

Try to take an objective look at your home and search for a way in. Did you leave a ladder outside? If so, make sure to put it away. Are there shrubs that would be ideal for hiding? Trees to climb? Dog doors? Vents? Think creatively – and be sneaky. Also, since many thief’s cut telephone lines to try and disable alarms, think about installing cellular home security monitoring.

Be Careful with Social Media

You need to be careful about what you post. You never know who is reading or looking at your social media pages. If you are planning on traveling, it is not a good idea to post about it on social media until you are back home. The fact is, criminals are quite savvy when it comes to using Facebook and other social media outlets to chart a person’s location. Make sure to share this with your children, as well.

Locks, Windows, and Doors

The back or front door are the most common points of entry for a burglar. Make sure that your doors remain locked, since up to 40 percent of burglaries take place through an unlocked window or door. Also, if you don’t have a deadbolt installed, now is the time to purchase on. Other points of entry include unlocked ground floor windows, especially ones that are on the side or in the back of the house.

Take some time to consider your home’s security. If it is not up to par, now is the time to take action. This can help ensure you have a happy holiday season.

Tech Corner

Why You Need to Upgrade Your Online Security for the Holidays


With the arrival of the holidays, many people are going to be coming and going from your store and taking advantage of the sales you offer. In most cases, you are relatively prepared. However, if you don’t pay attention to cyber security, too, you may discover that your business is at risk – even if you have taken other security precautions. Some of the reasons you should update and upgrade your online security now can be found here

More Financial Information is Being Handled

During the holidays your sales go up. While this is great for your bottom line, it also means that you are going to be more of a target for would-be cyber-thieves. In fact, people who have never even visited your store may begin to target your online information and data. Installing upgraded software and new technology can help ensure that your business information, as well as the sensitive financial information of your customers, is not compromised.

You Want to Avoid a Website Crash

Even if it is only for a few hours, if your website crashes during peak holiday shopping time, it can result in serious losses. Customers will start going to other websites and they may never return. This means that you may lose future sales, as well. Installing new firewalls, malware detection, and other online safeguards can ensure your website never crashes this holiday season.

Avoid the Desperate Hackers

Everyone needs more money during the holiday season. As a result, scammers and hackers may be more desperate than usual. If your data is stored online, make sure it is secure, since more and more people may be trying to access it to make a quick buck.

Investing in updates for your cyber security for the holiday season is a must. It will help ensure your sensitive information, as well as your customers is safe and protected.


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