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Issue: # 2019-12 December 2019


December Newsletter

Welcome back to this month’s edition of The Connection Newsletter!

We have some great tips this month specifically focused on the holiday season and how best to protect your home or business. For retail business owners, we have some great tips on preparing for a busy holiday season and the increase in customer traffic. And everyone should check out our Residential Security section this month for ways to make sure you’re safe and secure when you’re shopping online. Finally, our Tech Corner this month has some great gift ideas, along with some gifts you may want to avoid.

We also wanted to everyone a very happy and safe holiday season – we are extremely grateful for your support and trust over the years.

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Commercial Security

Proper Protection for Your Commercial Property During the Holidays


As the holidays get closer, if you own a retail store, you know – it means more business and more traffic than usual. Unfortunately, this is also when nefarious individuals are going to take advantage of your packed store and the lax security in place. There’s no need to worry if you’ll make it through the holiday season when you implement the security measures found here.

Access Control is a Must Have. As the business owner, it’s not going to be possible for you to always be at your business. You have responsibilities to handle, especially during this time of the year. You have to be in and out, leaving you with the issue of monitoring access to the office, storage areas, and other locations in your business.

While having just a few trusted workers with codes and keys will be helpful, that’s not a fool-proof plan. A better option is to install remote access. You can create unique codes, fobs, or cards for each member of your staff, client, or vendor, which means they can access areas when you aren’t there, but you still know what is going on. If there is a security breach, you can easily track its origin.

24/7 Surveillance. While you likely have surveillance, is it enough to handle the influx of holiday traffic that is headed your way? It’s a good idea to install 360-degree cameras in locations that get the most action. It’s best to put these near any entry doors and even around warehouse doors, as you never know who may lurk trying to get in when you least expect it.

Be sure you only install cameras that provide the latest high-def footage. This ensures if breaches do occur, you can take action against the guilty party.

By implementing the additional security measures described here, you can make it through the holiday season unscathed.

Residential Security

Helpful Tips to Make Online Shopping Safer this Season


No longer is online shopping considered a convenience – for most people, it’s a way of life. Were you aware that over 83% of consumers in the U.S. purchased something through Amazon in the past six months? However, as online shopping becomes more and more mainstream, the risks and security concerns grow, as well.

Consider this:

· 75% of consumers believe retailers are collecting personal information

· 7 out of 10 customers would opt not to share personal data even if they no longer received special offers

· Over 50% of consumers believe their browsing history data is collected by retailers

While this is true, there are things you can do to keep your personal information private while still enjoying all the perks of online shopping.

Research First. Before buying anything online, do your research. Look at the company you are buying from and past customer reviews. Look at third-party sites for other information, too.

Protect Your Passwords. Make sure you take additional steps to protect any passwords you create. If you aren’t careful with password creation, you are making yourself a target. To make sure your passwords protect you, do the following:

· Use a mix of letters, caps, numbers, and special characters

· The more random, the stronger and safer the password is

· Don’t share it

· Don’t use the same password for more than one site

· If needed, use a password manager

Look for the Lockdown. Only shop for sites that have the SSL – secure socket layer – of protection. This is the standard protocol that will encrypt your information. You can easily tell if a website has this by the URL, as sites with the SSL will start with “HTTPS.”

By using the tips here, you can feel confident that your online shopping experience will be positive and that your data won’t be compromised in any way.

Tech Corner

Gifts for the Techie in Your Life – Which To Avoid and Which To Buy

With the holidays coming up fast now is the time to think about what you will buy everyone on your list. If you have someone who loves receiving the latest technology, then some of the gifts on this list should be on your radar. However, a word of warning – some of these are cool with a bit of a creepy factor – so keep this in mind.


The FREDI Baby Monitor. So, this may seem pretty innocent at first, it’s a great way to know what your children are up to if you are in another room. You can easily access the live feed through your phone (or another connected device).

The downside is that this device is considered extremely vulnerable to attack. That’s because the monitor doesn’t hve encryption, and a default password of “123.” This means hackers can gain access to your feed and basically watch you in your home – talk about creepy! Maybe avoid this when it comes to tech gifts this holiday.

Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. These aren’t exactly new tech, but still have a certain creep-factor that earn them a spot on this list. According to industry experts, the privacy policy requires that you have a grade 14 reading level, will share your information with various third parties, and doesn’t delete the stored data. Perhaps cross this one off your list this year, too?

CogniToys Dino. If you have been searching for a “lite” version of the modern digital assistant for your kids, then this toy dinosaur really fits the bill. Rather than having a screen and instead of handling tasks like turning on the lights or telling you the weather, the dinosaur will answer all your kids’ questions. It talks, listens, laughs, and learns with your kids. The only real issue with this specific toy is that some unencrypted information could be sent from the device, but compared to the others, that seems pretty tame!



Which of these Byrds hits is the odd one out?

A) My Back Pages

B) Mr. Tambourine Man

C) The Times They Are A Changin’

D) Turn, Turn, Turn




In Rupert Holmes’ “Escape” , what does he not like?

A) Yoga

B) Health Food

C) Pina Coladas

D) Getting Caught In The Rain



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