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December Newsletter

It’s hard to believe 2018 is almost at a close – we hope everyone had a healthy and happy year, and wish all of you the best during this Holiday Season.

Even during the holidays, its important to keep in mind the safety and well-being of your loved ones and most important assets – in this month’s newsletter, we have ideas on how to protect your home if you’re planning on traveling, information on why custom systems provide the best protection, and more.

Thank you for all of the trust you place in us. It is our number one goal to protect all of our customers and their valuables. We also want every experience you have with us to be positive. Feel free to contact us at anytime with questions, concerns, etc. – we would love to hear from you!

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Commercial Security

The Myth of the One-Size-Fits-All Security Solutions

When it comes to your business, or commercial property, a one-size-fits-all security solution is never going to work or provide the protection and peace of mind you need. What is right and what works for one business, is probably not going to be right for yours.

For example, if you have a retail store, you need solutions such as an electronic article surveillance system, while bigger corporations that operate in an office environment have no need for this. Rather than trying to buy a standard, cookie-cutter security solution, you need to focus on the custom solutions your business needs.

Some of the specific reasons you need to avoid the one-size-fits-all security solutions are found here.


Businesses are All Sizes

Regardless of the size of your business – large or small – you need security; however, your business’s size will impact the solutions that are used.

A larger business, for example, that has over 500 employees, will likely find than an access control system will be extremely beneficial in helping protect their assets. However, if you run a smaller business, with under 10 employees, then investing in an access control system probably wouldn’t make much sense.

Businesses Have Unique Risks

Another reason you need a custom security solution is that each business will have its own, unique risks. Corporations are likely focused on data protection and cyber security while retailers are more focused on preventing shoplifters. This doesn’t mean that you don’t need cyber-security solutions, too, but that may not be your primary risk.

To determine exactly what risks your business has, consider the following:

  • What are your business assets?
  • Who can access your assets?
  • How and where do you store your business assets?
  • Data regulations and the commercial property considerations.

When you fully understand what your business risks are, you can better plan a custom security solution that focuses on protecting these assets.

It’s important to work with a security company that treats your business as an individual entity. This will ensure you get the security solutions you need, without having to settle for those sold in a one-size-fits-all, customized solution.

Residential Security

Home Security Tips for the Holidays: Gain Peace of Mind this Holiday Season

The best thing you can do to protect yourself, your loved ones and your home is to install a quality security system. But there are a few other things, you can do, too. Use the tips here to have a fun and safe holiday season.

Keep All Travel Plans Offline

Millions of people plan to travel during the holidays. The best thing you can do is keep these plans off of social media. Don’t post where you are going, when you plan to leave, or when you are going to be back.

This information is invaluable to a thief – after all – it tells them when your home is going to be empty. Even if you have one of the most expensive, highest-tech security systems in place, you still need to avoid posting this information online.


Let Your Neighbors Know

If you do have plans to go out of town, be sure you tell a trusted neighbor. Ask them to keep an eye on things while you are away. You may also want to ask them to pick up your mail or newspapers.

A great way to further protect your home is by investing in automation – such as a motion sensor light or smart lightbulbs you can turn off and on remotely.

Hide Your Gifts

While you are probably going to want and keep your gifts out of view from kids, it’s also a good idea they are hidden from a thief, too. While placing your pretty, wrapped packages under the tree may look nice, it’s also a welcome invitation for a burglar. Try to keep things hidden as best you can.

The holiday season is supposed to be fun. Make sure it isn’t ruined by using the security tips found here.

Tech Corner

The Top Tech Gifts to Give this Year


Is there a techie in your life who loves all the latest and greatest gadgets that modern technology and innovative thinkers can create? If so, this list is for you. Here you can learn more about some of the hottest tech gifts available this year.

Video Doorbells

A video doorbell is the ideal gift for the techie in your life who takes home security seriously. There are options from all the major brands, including Amazon, Google, Nest and others. These allow homeowners to see who is at their door before they open it – also, they can access the video feed remotely.

Smart Displays

Thanks to various devices, such as the Echo Show from Amazon, smart speakers with a smart display are extremely hot this year. These devices allow you to hear and see basically anything you can think of. With these devices you can play music, movies, look up recipes and more.

Mini Drones

Do you have a younger tech-lover on your list? If so, a mini drone is an extremely popular option. Traditional drones are large and expensive. A mini-drone is a great solution for young adults and teens. These are portable, automatic and great for anyone – even those who don’t have a big yard.

When it comes to technology, there’s no question that things are never boring. If you are looking for a great tech gift this year, be sure to consider the items listed here.



In 1969, "A Boy Named Sue" won a Grammy for Best Country Song. It was performed by Johnny Cash. But the song was written by a well-known children’s book author. Which one of the following children’s writer wrote this song?

A) Theodore Geisel

B) Shel Silverstein

C) Bethany Roberts



Chubby Checkers is known for starting the dance craze "The Twist" with his twist songs.

But He also popularized….

A) The Locomotion & The Pony

B) The Jerk & The Boogaloo

C) The Limbo

D) All of these

E) A & B



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