Beware of Cookie Cutter Systems

July 25, 2016By MikeBusiness Security Systems No Comments

As we all know, every business is different. Each business has its own unique challenges when it comes to ensuring complete protection and safety. Unfortunately, we’ve seen numerous examples of people believing they were protected by “one size fits all” systems, when all they really do is provide a false sense of security. This year, … Read More

Important Summer Security Tips

July 18, 2016By MikeHome Security Systems No Comments

Summer brings many wonderful experiences – long overdue vacations, day trips to the beach, holidays spent with family and friends, and lots more. But did you also know summer brings the highest risk of break-ins? Here are some helpful tips to make sure your home is protected during the summer months. Don’t Advertise That You’re … Read More

Tips to Prevent Shoplifting and Break-Ins

June 28, 2016By MikeBusiness Security Systems No Comments

Helpful Tips to Prevent Shoplifting Each year, shoplifting accounts for millions of dollars of loss for businesses all across the country. Some of the most common items stolen include watches, jewelry, music, books, clothing, and even car parts. While installing a security camera can help to identify suspects after the theft occurs, there are quite … Read More