Why Monitoring Is Important

September 26, 2016By MikeBusiness Security Systems No Comments

Traditionally in any monitored security system, the individual security devices are installed by a systems integrator and when an alarm sounds or something looks suspicious a signal, and sometimes a video clip, is sent to a central monitoring station which then either contacts the end-user or the local authorities to initiate an emergency response. This … Read More

5 Back To School Home Security Tips

September 13, 2016By MikeHome Security Systems No Comments

With summer officially over, its time for back the back to school season. With both children and parents maintaining busy schedules of school, practices, and other events, now is a great time to make sure that your home is protected around the clock. Here are a few tips for the new school year: Install An … Read More

Video Surveillance For Your Business

September 6, 2016By MikeBusiness Security Systems No Comments

Video surveillance systems can be beneficial for a number of reasons. They are often installed to prevent burglaries and vandalism, but can also be used to promote neighborhood or office safety, in addition to increasing peace of mind if used in a home environment. When installing a video surveillance system, whether it is for your … Read More

Security Tips for Home Renovations

August 29, 2016By MikeHome Security Systems No Comments

Home renovation is an exciting and fulfilling prospect for many homeowners. Whether you’re adding on or adjusting an existing space it’s imperative to make sure your home is protected during the process. While renovating your home is rewarding for you and your family, you don’t want it to be a “rewarding” process for would-be thieves … Read More

VoIP And Your Business

August 22, 2016By MikeBusiness Security Systems No Comments

We live in an exciting time where it seems every day a new technology is being born. Everything from our computers to our phones to our everyday accessories are advancing at a rapid pace. The implications of a technology may not be fully realized until after the fact, and it may not always be an … Read More

Home Automation and Security Systems

August 15, 2016By MikeHome Security Systems No Comments

As the technology driven world continues to evolve, our lives are becoming more and more connected.  Virtual distances are shrinking.  This has been happening since the inception of the internet.  You no longer have to fly across the world to have a meeting, you simply login to a virtual meeting where you can talk “in-person” … Read More

Layers of Security

August 1, 2016By MikeHome Security Systems No Comments

One of the most important techniques to protecting your home is creating layers of security. It’s not very difficult for a burglar to get past one line of defense.  The more difficult it is and the longer it takes a burglar to break into your home, the more likely they’ll run away. Neighbors are also … Read More