How To Properly Store Surveillance Footage

December 5, 2016By MikeBusiness Security Systems No Comments

Surveillance plays a vital role in any comprehensive security system. It helps authorities catch criminals and provides helpful insight into your business operations by collecting and analyzing data on a daily basis. Where and how is all of this visual and analytical data being “collected?” That is the ever pressing question for system integrators and … Read More

DIY Security

November 21, 2016By MikeBusiness Security Systems, Home Security Systems No Comments

In a world where you can find virtually anything on the internet, there are endless “Do It Yourself”-commonly referred to as DIY-solutions for pretty much everything. This holds true for home security systems. However, that doesn’t mean you should rush to your computer/mobile device and buy a 4 star rated surveillance camera off Amazon, and … Read More

Smart Homes and Z-Wave Technology

November 7, 2016By MikeHome Security Systems No Comments

In the wake of home automation, smart home, or connected home technology you may have come across the term Z-Wave technology. What is it? Z-Wave technology is, “a wireless technology that makes regular household products, like lights, door locks and thermostats ‘smart’.” It’s what allows your home devices to “talk” to each other and be … Read More

Halloween Safety Tips

October 31, 2016By MikeHome Security Systems No Comments

Happy Halloween from all of us here at Perfect Connections! Here are some tips for you and your family to make sure the holiday is safe and enjoyable. Tips For Your Home Leave Lights On A well-lit home is a safe home. Whether you’re in the house handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters, or you’ll … Read More

How Motion Detection Works

October 24, 2016By MikeHome Security Systems No Comments

When you think motion detectors (or sensors) you might picture a heist scene from the movies where a thief has to perform acrobatics in order to avoid a web of alarm triggering laser-beams surrounding a priceless gem. While that narrative is not necessarily complete fiction, it’s not exactly how motion detection is implemented in the … Read More