Are The Children Safe?

November 20, 2014By JuliaBusiness Security Systems No Comments

We live in a fast paced society, everyone is constantly on the move.  This effects every aspect of our lives including the family dynamic.  The stereotypical roles of male worker and female caregiver have significantly shifted in light of economic growth, expansion of civil rights, and the need for dual income.  In fact, women today … Read More

DIY Security May Not Be Your Best Bet

November 18, 2014By JuliaHome Security Systems No Comments

In a world where you can find virtually anything on the internet, there are endless “Do It Yourself”-commonly referred to as DIY-solutions for pretty much everything.  This holds true for home security systems.  However, that doesn’t mean you should rush to your computer/mobile device and buy a 4 star rated surveillance camera off Amazon, and … Read More

Interactive Services

November 13, 2014By JuliaHome Security Systems No Comments

When it comes to home security systems, you may have heard the phrase “interactive services.”  You may have even heard the terms “home automation,” “connected home,” and “smart house.”  What do they all mean, and how are they related to home security?  They’re meanings are essentially the same, and in relation to security, they describe … Read More

Save Your Scraps

November 11, 2014By JuliaBusiness Security Systems No Comments

While to the average person, a salvage or recycling facility may not seem like a susceptible business, owners know there are considerable threats to its security.  In the United States and internationally, as the economy fluctuates, creating high highs and low lows, raw materials, especially metals, maintain a certain value.  Scrap metals are actively sought after … Read More

Home Security Myths & Misconceptions

November 6, 2014By JuliaHome Security Systems No Comments

A home is so much more than a physical structure that you reside in.  It’s where you have lazy Sunday breakfast with your spouse and kids.  It’s where you enjoy a cup of hot coffee on your back porch.  It’s where you read bedtime stories to your children and tuck them in at night.  It’s … Read More

Access Control

November 3, 2014By JuliaBusiness Security Systems No Comments

Protecting your business is a top priority.  You’ve done your homework, found a security systems professional, and are ready to customize a security system that fits your needs.  When browsing the vast array of available security system options you’ve probably come across the phrase access control.  What is it, and does your business need it?  … Read More

Is Your Healthcare Facility At Risk?

October 30, 2014By JuliaBusiness Security Systems No Comments

The healthcare system is constantly evolving as are the measures and technology to keep it secure.  Technology can and should play an integral role in the protection and management of any healthcare facility.  Healthcare facilities can be anything from a hospital to an assisted living environment, or a portable x-ray unit to a rehab center.  … Read More

Want To Lower Your Homeowners Insurance?

October 30, 2014By JuliaHome Security Systems No Comments

As a homeowner, you have no doubt invested precious time and money with realtors, bankers, maybe lawyers, even architects and contractors.  All in an effort to secure the home of your dreams.  Now that you have it, the wallet and purse draining may seem never ending.  As a first time home buyer or builder, you probably … Read More