What Happens if My Network Fails?

May 14, 2015By JuliaBusiness Security Systems No Comments

Does your security system, or part of it, rely on your company’s internet network?  Or are you considering a system that is at least partially dependent on network connectivity?  If so, what happens if that network fails or is compromised?  Fortunately nowadays the chances of your network dropping or losing connection is pretty slim, in … Read More

Healthcare Climate and Security

May 7, 2015By JuliaBusiness Security Systems No Comments

Healthcare facilities pose a unique security situation.  By nature they hold a lot of risk other organizations don’t necessarily have to deal with.  Most healthcare facilities are open to the public and provide care for a vast array of people on a daily basis.  Many facilities also house expensive and often sought after narcotics or … Read More

What Is Web-Based Access Control?

April 23, 2015By JuliaBusiness Security Systems No Comments

The technological climate is swiftly changing the way we connect and interact with the physical world.  Endless runs of cable and spaghetti wiring is becoming an antiquated notion with the development of wireless internet based equipment.  This is evident in the way some security system integrators are approaching system design and installation.  As industry professionals, … Read More