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August Newsletter

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We’ve got some really great info this month. If you own a retail store, make sure to check out the commercial security section where we talk about ways to prevent shoplifting. In our residential section, we talk about where the security industry has come from and where its heading in the future when it comes to “smart” devices. And speaking of smart devices, in our tech section we talk about how AI can be used to help protect your business.

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Commercial Security

Retail Theft During the Summer Months: How to Keep Your Store Safe


If you own a retail store, you know the summer months represent the perfect opportunity for you to leave your merchandise outside and offer your customers an open-air shopping experience. However, what you may not know is that shoplifting and employee theft in the U.S. costs businesses over $50 billion per year. Statistics have also shown that during the summer, shoplifting increases.

According to loss prevention experts, there are certain traits you can look for to determine if there are potential shoplifters in your shop. For example, the individual may appear nervous, or they will avoid eye contact. Also, these individuals are likely hanging around areas that are harder to monitor by employees. Make sure your workers are properly trained so they know what to look for.

It is also a good idea to have employees who remain alert, and to use the following shoplifting prevention techniques:

· Display the proper signage warning shoplifters you will prosecute

· Greet all customers who walk in the door

· Install security mirrors for areas of the store that have higher shelving or that are more secluded

· Discuss any suspicious individuals with nearby store employees

· Keep your shop organized and clean so you can monitor your inventory

· When necessary, contact security

Unfortunately, when you put your merchandise outside or leave your shop door open, you are inviting thieves in. This is especially true when things get busy and it’s hard to track who is in your store.

The best way for you to prevent theft in your store is by installing security cameras. These can help to discourage thieves before they try to steal anything.

Residential Security

The Evolution of Home Security Systems Over the Past 20 Years


Home security systems have evolved significantly over the past two decades. In fact, the entire concept of “home security” has changed. In the past, conversations about home security meant comparing different types of alarm systems. However, the evolution of security systems doesn’t just mean alarms – it encompasses much more.

While home security still involves protecting your home from intruders, it also includes carbon dioxide and fire detection. It includes the way you enter your home, smart locks, and how you give access to your home to others. One of the biggest changes that has come about is smart home technology. Now, home security isn’t just about keeping burglars out, it allows you to know when your child has arrived home from school, if your window is open, and more.

What’s even better is the user-friendly aspect of modern home security. Thanks to the technology being far reaching, smart homes are attainable to virtually everyone. At the end of the past century, installing even a simple security system would involve all sorts of wiring, along with significant changes to your home’s interior. Thanks to the evolution of wireless technology and new innovations, homeowners are now able to install a cutting-edge home security system for an affordable rate and without as much disturbance in and out of their home.

Smart Home Devices Available Today

Perhaps the most significant change in home security systems in the past 20 years is the ability of smart home devices. Some of the most prevalent and widely used that now make up home security include:

· Smart carbon dioxide and smoke detectors

· Flood sensors

· Mobile apps

· Smart lighting

· Motion detectors

· Video doorbells

· Security cameras

· Smart door locks

While it’s unclear what the future holds for home security, there’s no question it is going to continue evolving helping people protect themselves, their family, and their homes in more innovative ways than ever before.

Tech Corner

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Business Security


By now, you know that AI is everywhere. From digital personal assistances used in the office to the smartphone in your pocket, AI has experienced significant growth in recent years. One industry it has impacted significantly is security.

In fact, according to a recent report from the Market Research Engine, AI in the security segment is projected to exceed $35 billion by the year 2024.

There are many business owners who have realized the potential of AI to improve cyber security. Keep reading to learn more.

What is AI?

AI is typically used to define specific technologies, such as natural language generation (NLG) and machine learning. Put simply, it helps computers do tasks that are usually handled by people.

While AI is complex, you don’t have to be an expert to use AI to your advantage. The main idea is that AI has the ability to analyze huge data sets, identify patterns, and to gradually improve your predictions, recommendations, and analysis

How to Use AI to Detect Security Threats

The ability to accurately and efficiently analyze huge amounts of data makes AI a great too to detect any security threat. Some of the best ways to use AI for security include:

· Detect any malicious activity to stop attacks. AI has the ability to analyze business data while identifying potential threats that may be hiding in a business’s system. With AI, businesses can segment critical risks from the routine network activity while identifying threats with ease.

· Enhance current security measures. With AI, security personnel can gain insight to make changes to the system or to combat issues. This may include patching an area that’s often attacked in the network, or to monitor around a certain network.

· Automate any repetitive security tasks. Gives analysts more time to research any high-priority alerts. There are certain AI programs that can offer security analysts with complete visibility across the business, which helps them identify any threats with ease.

With AI, you can protect your business and feel confident you are reducing the risks that occur.



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Which band used an anagram of a member’s name in the lyrics of a song they performed?

A) The Beatles

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Mr. Mo Jo Risin’ is an anagram for Jim Morrison and was used in the song “L.A. Woman”.



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