What Is Web-Based Access Control?

April 23, 2015By JuliaBusiness Security Systems No Comments

The technological climate is swiftly changing the way we connect and interact with the physical world.  Endless runs of cable and spaghetti wiring is becoming an antiquated notion with the development of wireless internet based equipment.  This is evident in the way some security system integrators are approaching system design and installation.  As industry professionals, … Read More

What Is Remote Monitoring?

April 9, 2015By JuliaBusiness Security Systems No Comments

When you picture a surveillance monitoring station what do you see?  Is it a half awake guard staring blankly at multiple monitors?  If that’s the case you can scratch that image from your mind.  The future of monitoring services is quickly shifting and adapting to our society’s need for streamlined and efficient processes.  As surveillance … Read More

How to Secure a Parking Garage

April 7, 2015By JuliaBusiness Security Systems No Comments

There are many architectural components to a business facility sometimes that includes a parking lot or garage.  Whether it is attached or detached, near or far from the main building it can be a convenient asset to any business.  It’s likely the place where you and your employees park in the morning and leave in … Read More

Changing Residential Access

April 2, 2015By JuliaHome Security Systems No Comments

The days of struggling to carry 50 pounds of groceries while simultaneously trying to dig your house keys out of your pocket or purse, might be coming to an end.  As a homeowner your door locks have always been an essential line of defense when it comes to protecting your home.  While our everyday lives … Read More