Should I Move To The Cloud?

March 31, 2015By JuliaBusiness Security Systems No Comments

We’ve all seen those puffy white, wondrous, water vapor creations up in the sky, commonly known as clouds.  These natural wonders are not the clouds we’ll be investigating here.  Instead we’ll be taking a look at what the “cloud” is in relation to business networks and their security infrastructure. You may be using the cloud … Read More

Can My Cameras See In The Dark?

March 26, 2015By JuliaBusiness Security Systems No Comments

Not all surveillance cameras are created equally.  It may seem as simple as selecting a surveillance camera and popping it into place, but what about the external factors that affect the quality of recorded images?  One of the top concerns for industry professionals and end-users alike is a cameras ability to function in the dark … Read More

Making the Switch from Analog to IP

March 24, 2015By JuliaBusiness Security Systems No Comments

If you’ve had a surveillance system installed within the past decade it’s more than likely that it’s either an analog or IP (Internet Protocol) system.  So what’s the difference?  Analog typically refers to an older technology that doesn’t use Ethernet protocol.  IP includes “IP-addressable items,” the cabling, and network equipment used to connect all components … Read More

Why Alarm Monitoring Is Essential

March 12, 2015By JuliaHome Security Systems No Comments

So you’ve had home security system installed, everything is connected and ready to be armed.  During the process did you sign up for an alarm monitoring service?  If you didn’t, you’re missing a vital part of a truly comprehensive home security system.  You could be leaving yourself open to risk regardless of your newly installed … Read More

Why Custom Is Best

March 10, 2015By JuliaBusiness Security Systems No Comments

Installing a security system can be one of the best ways to protect your business from unpredictable threats like fires and burglars.  Did you know that not all systems are the same?  That’s right there really isn’t a “one size fits all” solution when it comes to securing your workplace, nor should there be.  Why?  … Read More

Common Break-in Methods

March 5, 2015By JuliaHome Security Systems No Comments

When you’re a homeowner one of your top priorities is ensuring the safety of your home.  Your home is what protects you and your family.  Nobody wants to deal with a home break-in but they are a sad reality in our everyday lives.  Fortunately there are many ways you can safeguard your home from such … Read More