Is Your Healthcare Facility At Risk?

October 30, 2014By JuliaBusiness Security Systems No Comments

The healthcare system is constantly evolving as are the measures and technology to keep it secure.  Technology can and should play an integral role in the protection and management of any healthcare facility.  Healthcare facilities can be anything from a hospital to an assisted living environment, or a portable x-ray unit to a rehab center.  … Read More

Want To Lower Your Homeowners Insurance?

October 30, 2014By JuliaHome Security Systems No Comments

As a homeowner, you have no doubt invested precious time and money with realtors, bankers, maybe lawyers, even architects and contractors.  All in an effort to secure the home of your dreams.  Now that you have it, the wallet and purse draining may seem never ending.  As a first time home buyer or builder, you probably … Read More

When a Lock & Key Doesn’t Cut It

October 23, 2014By perfectHome Security Systems No Comments

The world is an exciting, adventure-filled environment we all share. Even with all of the amazing opportunities it has to offer, the sad fact remains that there are inevitable and unavoidable dangers. We would all like to think our homes are impervious fortresses of safety, when in reality life is unpredictable, and most are unaware … Read More