Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

February 25, 2014By patrickHome Security Systems

We have all heard of Carbon Monoxide, the odorless killer. On average, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, 170 people a year die of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning that was not produced by automobiles. Just this past weekend there were 2 deaths on Long Island due to a malfunctioning heater in a restaurant. … Read More

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

February 13, 2014By patrickHome Security Systems No Comments

If you buy virtually anything at any store, you have a period of time that you can return that product and get your money back if you are not satisfied. I think that policy should apply to anything you buy, particularly with a purchase as important as a security system to protect your home and … Read More

Practical Use Of Wireless Z-Wave Lock

February 7, 2014By patrickHome Security Systems No Comments

Here is a really good application of an interactive alarms system. We recently installed a 2GIG GO! Control Interactive alarm system powered by in an older couple’s home. They have had an alarm system for a while but decided it was time for an upgrade and had read about some of the features available … Read More

Central Station Passwords

February 4, 2014By patrickHome Security Systems No Comments

Whether you have a residential security system or a commercial security system, in order for the central station to know that the person that they are speaking to is an authorized user of the system, a password is used. A password is a word that is attached to your monitoring account which the central station … Read More

Alarm System User Codes

February 3, 2014By patrickHome Security Systems No Comments

To operate an alarm system from the keypad you need a numeric code.  These codes are called passcodes, PINS, or user codes.  In all cases, to disarm the system, you have to enter a user code. Some alarm systems are programmed to require you to use a code to arm the system as well. The … Read More